Val di Fiemme

A full immersion into history
and culture of Val di Fiemme

The immense forests and woods of Val di Fiemme are among the biggest ones of the entire alpine territory.
A landscape that mainly consists of spruce firs, wisely cultivated by the “Magnifica Comunità di Fiemme”,
the historical authority in charge of the local territory management.

The history of this valley combines with the spruce firs’ one, one of the finest wood in the world, well known for its acoustic characteristics and used in the past to create refined strings music instruments.

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The Val di Fiemme, which has a long tradition of working wood, is still today a land of artists and artisans, who daily pass on the know-how and the values of this craft. Along with the creation of music instruments, this wood is used to create beautiful nativity scene statues and rustic wood furniture and wood cladding.

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Stemma Magnifica Cominità di Fiemme

The thousand-years old guardian of the Fiemme’s culture

The sensitivity and the respect for nature of the valley’s people allows to enjoying the high quality of air and climate as well as watching the forests growing 100 hectares every year. This caring of territory has been passed on from generation to generation and finds its roots in the “Magnifica Comunità di Fiemme”, a local institution founded in the Middle Ages and taking care of the thousand-year old local traditions and culture.

In Cavalese is located the Palazzo della Magnifica Comunità di Fiemme, built in 1486 commissioned by command of the prince-bishops of Trento and was at first a summer holiday residence. Today it hosts the picture gallery and the Fiemme’s museum, as well as the “Comunità”’s file archive.

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The rich historical and cultural heritage of this valley is present in each single village: from the typical houses to the frescos on ancient houses’ walls, to the amazing churches and the rustic architectures.

To enrich the artistic value of the region the Historical Museum of the Alpine School of the Guardia di Finanza , the Diocesan Museum of Trento , symbols of a rich tradition and the Contemporary Art Center of Cavalese , which hosts major exhibitions on new artists of the Alpine region.